Appologies if this is a bit rambly. I’m passionate on this topic, and can’t always help myself.


The more I learn about art, the more beautiful everything starts to look everywhere I go. Part of me is glad I’m not a photagrapher, I’d go insane watching all these amazing things slip by unphotographed all day.

So, I feel that a great artist is a person who can find the beautiful part of any situation and share it. Just like a good scientist is a person who can find the fascinating part of anything. The more you know, the more there is to appriciate and be grateful for.

But, what is beauty?

The best definition I’ve heard is that finding something beautiful is loving what it is simply for what it is, without regard for some use you have for it. That is, I love a sunset just to look at it, not because it’s a good way to get something else that I really want. This means that everything we do is, in one way or another, looking for a beautiful thing.

So, what is your most beautiful thing? What is mine? What do we find our minds naturally wanting to dwell on?

Whatever the answer, it is the driving force in our lives. It is what inspires and guides us at the deepest levels. This is what steers our lives.

I’ve realized lately that I’ve felt a bit lost because I’ve been trying to seek purpose apart from beauty. I’ve been looking to do the godly thing without stopping to see such things as beautiful. But, yesterday, I suddenly remembered that this world is a masterpiece. If one can see the beauty in all the things that God has made beautiful (and they are everywhere), then one is very close to the core of spirituallity.

I know how I’d treat a Rembrant – and know that I should treat everything in creation in something like that way. But I’ve just realized that this isn’t a matter of knowing that I should, but knowing that there is greatness to be found in every corner of this universe.


2 responses to “Beauty

  • Stephanie Ann Foster

    Yes! Oh, I agree with this wholeheartedly!

    I would add (and this is not especially rational) that I often get the feeling that bits of beauty have been broken off into each soul. I sometimes think that we seek and resonate most with the beauty that God has already given us.

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