I listened to a talk by an expert in extinction today. His job is to understand the process of extinction in order to prevent it when possible. Needless to say, he was an interesting guy who offered some good advice for taking care of the planet.
Mostly, I was struck by how much of it involved things that are good for humans. Things like living as near to your job as possible, eating less meat and processed foods, not overspending in general… These are all things that make us happier and healthier.
I’m aware that an issue this broad is anything but simple. Still, I often wonder if we create controversies where they need not exist. we argue a great deal about the exact causes of climate change when it seems that we should be doing all the things environmental scientists are suggesting anyway.
I know I’ve used intellectuallizing about issues as an excuse to not actually do anything about them, but want to be better in that area. So, I’m not going to post my thoughts on the controversy. It’s dinner time, so I’m going to go out and find something with lots of locally grown produce to eat.


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