William Lane Craig vs. Alex Rosenburg

As a quick break from my series on Bertrand Russell, I enjoyed watching the debate between Dr. Craig and Dr. Rosenburg this week. Obviously, my own views are much more in line with Craig’s, but I must say that I appreciate Rosenburg’s courage in accepting the strange conclusions which follow from scientism (even if I found him a bit caustic). He rightly sees that the popular belief that science describes all of reality has some very counterintuitive (I would say “incoherent”) results.

I may write up some of my thoughts on Craig in the future, but, as for Rosenburg, I doubt I can add anything of value to what Dr. Edward Feser has already written. This is also a series, but worth looking over if you’re interested in the debate over naturalism.

5 responses to “William Lane Craig vs. Alex Rosenburg

  • jkomis11

    I do not yet have time to view this debate, but I heard that Craig won convincingly. I viewed his debate against Hitchens and he is definitely gifted. Ironically, nothing I heard him say in the BIOLA debate was fresh material and still Hitchens could or would not address his basic arguments.

    We need to keep teaching the truth. Thank you for your work!

    • Debilis

      Thank you much!
      He tends to use the same arguments in his debates. He’s often pointed out that it should be easy for others to engage with his points, then. It is a shame that people don’t do this more often.

      Rosenburg is a good speaker, and exudes great confidence in his views. But, for all he accused Craig of not listening, he didn’t seem to engage Craig’s support for his arguments.

      That was my impression, at least.

  • james.m.mcdaniel

    An excellent debate, particularly on the part of Dr. Craig. I appreciate you posting the link to Dr. Feser, and plan on perusing the site more once I get a chance.

    • Debilis

      I definitely enjoyed that series (though it took me quite a while to get through).

      And, agreed, I loved watching the debate. I think I’ve seen all of Craig’s debates posted by his channel. It’s definitely helped me to watch such a talented debater.

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