Battleground God

BattlegroundGodBattleground God is an online game that tests the logical consistency of one’s beliefs about God. It is designed to trap people, believers and unbelievers alike, in contradictions in order that we might sort out more consistent views.

As often as I disagree with its conclusions, I highly recommend the game. Trying to give logical reasons why the creators are wrong on certain points has been a great help in provoking thought and spotting areas where I need to clarify/clean up my thinking.

And, of course, conceding that I was wrong on a point has been a help to both my rationality and my emotional maturity.

If you do play the game, please feel free to post your score and/or disagreements with the creators below.

4 responses to “Battleground God

  • Mark Hamilton

    I enjoyed this game quite a bit. In fact, I didn’t run into a situation where I thought that the creators were wrong (I’m sure that if I tried more routes I would have found some, but by answering honestly I couldn’t find any). As a Young Earth Creationist I first balked at when it told me that I had bite the bullet if I wanted to hold on to that belief…but when I read it through I found I couldnt’ be upset. The quiz did not penalize me for staying true to my convictions: it merely pointed out that I was hurting myself in other peoples eyes, and even somewhat congratulated me for staying logicaly consistant. In the end I took two hits and after looking at them I couldn’t disagree with the fact that I deserved them.

    • Debilis

      That’s excellent.
      It’s definitely hard to imagine myself doing better at creating such a clean test for consistency.

      I’ve taken a lot of hits in my times playing it. And, yes, I clearly deserved at least most of them (in fact, I can only remember two times when I genuinely disagreed with the creators).

  • Dillon

    This was really interesting! I had to bite one bullet (for creationism) and I only took one direct hit (having to do with the Loch Ness monster…but I have some objections with that). I’m going to go through trying out other worldviews to see how this holds up. Thanks for sharing!

    • Debilis

      I had an issue with the the Loch Ness Monster section as well. To the creators’ credit, they did list the objection in the FAQ, and admit that their response wasn’t the final word in the discussion.

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